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    The Sime / Gen Stories - Anyone have a complete list?

    A series of stories by Jacqueline Lichtenberg (some co-authored by Jean Lorrah, and possibly others).

    I have four of them:

    First Channel, Channel's Destiny, House of Zeor, and Unto Zeor Forever.

    I had a fifth one at one time, Mahogany Trinrose.

    I understand that other, shorter stories were in the some of the pulps, but and at one time I think other books were planned. Does anyone know if, or what else was published in this series?

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    There was also RenSime, Ambrov Keon and Zelerod's Doom. House of Zeor, Ambrov Keon and Zelerod's Doom are available as one book called "The Unity Trilogy".

    Supposedly there is a new book coming out June 06 called "To Kiss or To Kill" from Meisha Merlin (publishers) containing three new works by Lichtenberg and Lorrah in the SimeGen universe.

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    Full List here:

    I've never seen any of these books, but have read and really enjoyed "Those of my Blood."

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    Thanks. I knew there had to be more books in this series.

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    The full Sime~Gen Universe Information Page


    I accidentally found this thread in a Yahoo Search for something else.

    Here's the information you are looking for.

    All the past, current and future Sime~Gen novels, novellas, and short stories are indexed at (NET not COM)

    That link will take you to the page that holds that index.

    On the left is a list of all titles -- with what we now know about current publication. On the right, several columns of information and links to various points on

    You can find new, currently being posted Sime~Gen novels and award winning stories by fans (with editing by Jean Lorrah and me).

    You can find copies of all the old covers, so you can figure out if maybe you've read that book before.

    You can find free chapters of all the Sime~Gen books to see if you want to a) start reading this universe or b) have already read it. (free chapters of all my books are scattered about -- check my homepage)

    You can even send in your own comments for the comments page.

    You can find links to the Sime~Gen fan section of (the domain is a huge, free writing school with lots and lots of free textbook material to support forthcoming courses. Some of that material is original, first or second draft Sime~Gen I've written, such as the early draft of UNTO ZEOR, FOREVER complete with study instructions for writers.)

    Partials for sold and unsold work, and a number of non-Sime~Gen short stories for free reading (and Audiobook recordings) are linked at

    There are reprints of the paper Sime~Gen fanzines posted for free reading online (often with illustrations).

    There's the master Chronology behind the Universe as Jean and I create it -- constantly updated as we work on things not yet published.

    And there's another chronology there created by the fans which is interesting!

    There's a master Introduction Page for those who've never heard of this Universe -- with informative items for those who've memorized all the books!

    And there you will find pronunciation sound-files for the Simelan words

    As I noted, there is NEW fan fiction constantly going up that has been edited by Karen MacLeod and by me. In addition, there's an unedited section - a "Co-operative Fiction" section of fan stories that you will absolutely adore being created by several of the best fan fiction writers, posted new every month or so.

    See for links to the Co-operative Fiction and into the main Fan Fiction section Rimon's Library where you'll find Companion In Zeor currently publishing new novels and winning awards.

    There's a List you can join to share opinions on Sime~Gen. -- the list you want is simegen-l -- and there you can ask questions if you get lost amidst all there is to explore free online. That will be the first place news of future publication will be posted.

    The very first Sime~Gen ever written down is posted for free reading, To Strike A Spark; To Light A Fire -- Digen Farris's changeover.

    The first SOLD Sime~Gen story (to IF MAGAZINE) is posted for free reading. Operation High Time.

    There are photos of the Sime~Gen events at Darkover Grand Council Meeting, and a large catalog of photos of fan events over the years.

    There are links to where you can buy cafepress items (T-shirts, hats, mouse pads, the list is huge) with various Sime~Gen artwork and illustrations by fan artists who happen to be professional.

    There is a link to the ever growing article on the Star Trek Connection behind everything Sime~Gen, and everything at
    (that's inside my SF/F Review column paid for by The Monthly Aspectarian, posted to their site, then archived at -- many of the columns are writing lessons.)

    And there is an extensive article currently in development into a non-fiction book by Jean Lorrah and me, detailing what it is we write that's distinctive -- and how many other writers have written this very particular type of fiction. It is in the Intimate Adventure section, where you'll find a link to a quote by Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica producer Ronald D. Moore.

    I see this as an outgrowth or precursor of the work Jean Lorrah and I did on articles about Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel for the non-fiction anthologies "Seven Seasons of Buffy" and "Five Seasons of Angel" -- my article for FIVE SEASONS had to be drastically cut, so the full uncut article is posted for free reading

    Many Sime~Gen fans are not at all Vampire fans - but some are. There's always a lively discussion on the List about whether Sime~Gen does indeed belong to the Vampire Myth or not. OPERATION HIGH TIME may have been the very first of the genre "Vampire As Good Guy" -- which didn't appear in the professional press for many years after the publication of that story.

    This post is way too long - but I've given you a lot of places to explore more of Sime~Gen. Many fans have found their way into the professionally published books via the fan fiction. You might try it. It's free.

    You can find anything on easily by using our domain specific google search on the main pages -- go to and look in the upper left.

    As you will find, there is much much more to find at

    You'll find faster and easier ways to communicate with me on my homepage.

    Live Long and Prosper,
    Jacqueline Lichtenberg

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    Sequel to THOSE OF MY BLOOD

    Quote Originally Posted by -Asher-
    Full List here:

    I've never seen any of these books, but have read and really enjoyed "Those of my Blood."

    The not-exactly "sequel" -- (more a "Meanwhile, back at the ranch") -- novel is Dreamspy and there are free chapters posted at

    You'll also find there the full text of Susan Sizemore's introduction to Dreamspy.

    Those who haven't read THOSE OF MY BLOOD can find free chapters at

    Live Long and Prosper,
    Jacqueline Lichtenberg

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    Hi. If my question prompted you to join this forum I guess that's a good thing.

    Since you are here, I have another question. I picked up a copy of House of Zeor that appears to have been signed by you. I picked it up used and didn't pay a premium for it, so I've wondered for awhile if it's a real signature .... Does this look like your signature?

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    I know thew question was some yers back but I thought I would reply. I have several signed books by Jacqueline and it looks like her sig to me. If you still get this message you might liek to know that all teh old books have been reublished and four new never before read stories are being released. There is one more on the way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by microbes View Post
    Jacqueline Lichtenberg
    I've tweeted with her. They do a sci-fi thing on Fridays.


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    That's great. If you're interested in catching up with news and other fans there is a facebook page


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