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    So I just started re-reading the series...

    It's quite possibly amazing how much I missed the first time.

    No plot changing events, but alot of little details.

    It's been about two years since I've read a Martin book.

    Oh, how I've longed to reading something this good.

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    I re-read the series 2 years ago, when I was backpacking through Europe. The books were great for the long train and plane rides, and I found myself almost more involved in Westeros than in my trip.

    The series was even better the 2nd time, if that's possible, and I picked up so many things I missed on the first reading. I always recommend a re-read of aSoIaF, to everyone who has read it, every chance I get!

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    Definately gets better with every read! I'm on my third or fourth read (hard to tell, sometimes I just pick up the books and flip to a chapter--since they're not totally sequential it's easy to just skip around [you know what I mean]).

    Especially after having read fan essays on standing theories... it really is suprising how much I missed with past readings.

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    Well, A Feast for Crows came out recently, and I went to buy it, but read the first few chapters and I was completely dumbfounded.

    So, here I am, re-reading.

    I love Martin so much, God, he is such an inspiration.

    I found this nice site with some pictures, incase anyone who doesn't know about it would like to see it:

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