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    Bob Leman

    Hi, all.

    I know it's frowned upon to add links to outside websites, and ask the moderators' indulgence. This is the chance for you to read a story you may not get to read otherwise.

    Over at Weird Fiction Review,, they are offering a Bob Leman story, "Loob" for a limited time. This is one of the really fine stories included in Leman's collection The Feesters in the Lake and Other Stories. Leman was not prolific. He wrote just enough fiction in his life to fill that collection, but what he wrote was of considerable quality: the title story, "Window" (included in the Vandermeer's The Weird), "Instructions," "The Pilgrimage of Clifford M.," "Olida," and a few others.

    I haven't read Jim Rockhill's commentary, but having exchanged emails with Mr. Rockhill off and on over the last 15 years, I expect it to be thoughtful and accurate. Without his diligence, the Leman collection might well not have been assembled and published.

    Randy M.

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    Thanks for the link Randy, I'll be reading this one.

    As mentioned in another thread, "Window" was one of the stand out short stories in The Weird for me, and it's a shame Leman's short story collection is out of print...

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    Hi, Westsiyeed.

    I thought I recalled someone reading and commenting on one of Leman's stories, which was in part why I posted the link.

    Yes, it's a shame that the Leman isn't at least in e-format. And that goes for other books from the same small publisher (Midnight House), including the 4 volumes of Fritz Leiber stories, and collections by Jean Ray, W. C. Morrow, Henry Whitehead, and Harvey Jacobs, among others.

    While I'm not sold on e-readers, I am rather please to see other small presses are getting in the act: Ash Tree Press has started making some of their older, sold out works available. That alone nudges me toward eventually getting one.

    Randy M.

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