I'm in the process of designing a serious (no mutants with laser eyes and butterfly wings that are 6" tall kind of stuff) post-apocalyptic RPG. It was going to be "Gamma World 25th Anniversary Edition" (erasing all the mistakes of every edition published SINCE 1978... Grrrrr.) but now that TSR is defunct, and since 90% of the game was all original (read *MY* ideas), I think I will just take out any of the TSR stuff and publish it as my own work.

I would like to know if any game companies are taking submissions currently (TSR and others have the industry all f'ed up at present). I'm looking for a company that might be interested in a very good game that was very serious.

I would also like any input on the 'notes' section that I am doing. I was going to include stories, short stories, and music / games for reference. So far, I have these items. Please add what items you can from your own experiences and memory if you are so inclined to do so:


Phaedra- by Tangerine Dream (very nice!)
THE DIG soundtrack- works nicely, by LucasArts, hard to find now out of Ebay.
The various CONAN movie soundtracks


Starman's Son / Daybreak 2250 AD
Heiro's Journey / sequel
West of Eden
When Next I Awaken

Computer Games:

Wasteland- Electronic Arts
Fallout / Fallout 2

What are some other Post-Apocalypse resources that you might can think of? Thanks for any help you might offer.