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    Looking for two books

    Hi all,

    I'm looking for 2 books that I never finished reading and I don't remember much about them but here goes -

    Post Apocalyptic(I believe) world where there is a fence that the people cannot cross because the outside world is diseased and destroyed. I believe there were some telepaths as well.

    Future where kids who score high on a test are executed by government.

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    I remember a story like the second one, where the reader is non-plussed because the parents lie to their child about common questions, such as telling them that grass is green because it is painted green. At the end you discover that for the child to pass the intelligence test they have to score poorly.

    Can't recall the title or author

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    Second sounds a little like "Harrison Bergeron", by Kurt Vonnegut, can't be positive as I've only ever seen the movie and not read the story.

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    The first could possibly be The Wall Around The World by Theodore Cogswell

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    Tidying up loose ends... the second story is probably Examination Day by Henry Slesar. Read it here.

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