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And what about the No-God? Did anyone read the encyclopedia entry on him? I don't recall it being mentioned before this book about his specific protection, the Carapace/metal sarchogous, but doesn't Kellhus appear at the end somewhat similar to the description of the No-God? If I recall, he appears in a whirlwind and pulls up the debris about him into a shield that surrounds him. Maybe the No-God is some sort of negative form of "thought" and not an actual person/being? If God is everyone, or everyone is God (or has the potential to be God/part of God), what is a No-God?
Call me crazy but I think the No-God is someone using an 'ancient' technology - a helicopter. Metal carapace, whirlwind - it all fits. The part I want to figure out is what was his role in the sudden lack of births suffered by the population. A genetic weapon? Radiation?

My favourite is the entry on the Heron Spear - which pretty clearly resembles a beam rifle.