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    star gazing... as always

    Pellinor- Fanfic (serious) no. 2

    There you are, up and running for all your wonderful imaginations to run VERY wild



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    Maerad and Hem are out riding Imi and Hoolahoop (their respective horses). The sky is blue, and there are only a few tiny white fluffs of cloud in the sky. There is a gentle breeze blowing through the scented air, as they round a bend in the road and look uppon the dusty ruins of Pellinor.

    Hem cries "..........

    (i was thinking it could be based in the ruins of Pellinor)

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    "Oh dear sister mine! I appear to have dropped my cucumber sandwiches!" ....

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    Maerad gasps. "Oh Hem, how could you! We have come ALL this way, through thick and thin, light and dark, rain and sunsine, to bring the sacred Cucumber Sandwiches to Cadvan, and now, NOW you chose to find out that you have dropped them!!!!!!!!!!!! We shall have to journey all the way back! NOOOO!!!!!!!!!!" Mearad cries in exasperaton.

    Hem smile, jumps off of his horse, and picks up the cucumber sandwiches off the ground.

    "Good thing we wrapped them up, eh Maerad!"

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    ''says a rather surprised Maerad. 'Well, you know, i wasn't actually going to go all the way back just to get the sandwiches! I could always conjur up a new one!'
    'Yes, sister, but then the Hulls would have felt us!'
    'Yes yes, whatever.' Maerad replied with a dismissive comment and a wave of her hand.
    'Oh!Oh! I see light!' Hem jumped up and down at the flickering light in the distance. 'I bet it's Cadvan! Let's see what he's up to...'

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    Hem takes Hoolahoop into a canter, and they ride speedily into Pellinor, drawing closer and closer to the light.

    When they reach it, they realise it is not Cadvan, but that the light is pouring out of a hole in the ground.

    Hem looks at Maerad.. "I wonder whats down that hole?"

    Maerad looks worried.. "I wonder where Cadvan is?"

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    (what happened to the 1st chain story ...i haven't read all of them..i only read the 1st 15 pages..huhuhuhu )

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    He couldn't help himself from jigging, Mama Cass was blaring out of a nearby speaker, a strange device that confused Hem even more than the jig to to mystical words "You've got to MAKE YOUR OWN KIND OF MUUUUUUUUSIC! SING YOUR OWN SPECIAL SONG!"..

    The enchanted Mama Cass played louder and louder until Hem could stand it no longer and began pleading for mercy. The music suddenly cut out and Hem collasped, completely exhuasted, a sinister voice issued from the shadows to his left "Hand over the cucumber sandwiches brothah, and no one gets hurt!" it said.

    Suddenly a light snapped on to reveal a Cadvan tied up in the corner and a strange man standing over him ......

    (i think we exhuasted the possiblities of the first story and it had become too long, so, we started this one )

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    Ham, in his panic and fear, cried out "Maerad, stay away!!!!!! They've... they've tied up Cadvan!!!!!!"

    Unfortunately, once Maerad had hear Hems cry as he fell down the hole, she had ran towards the hole, and was not standing, peering down at him.

    "Oh... HEM!!!!!" she cried, leaning forwards, and she toppled down the hole, only to land on top of Hem.

    Hem cried "...

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    "Ouch!! I thought i told you not to come too close?" He questioned Maerad out loud, and then whispering in her ear, "We have got to help Cadvan! This is no mere chance, look at the ropes that bind Cadvan, they glitter strangely!"

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    "OH NO!!!!!!!" whispers Maerad.

    "Those aren't ordinary ropes - they are the LORD OF ALL DARKNESS POWER BINDING GLISTENING ROPES!" (this isn't ordinary food, this is M+S, organic free-range high-quality cuisine...)

    "The only way to get rid of the ropes is to make the binder sing!!!" cries Maerad.

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    "WHAT???????????????" shrieked Maerad.

    "And then he made that funny pact with that red guy with the horns and the flames...can't remember his name now..."

    "The devil?" Hem chimed cheerfully.

    " That's the one!"

    Maerad picked up a falafel and proceeded to hit Cadvan round the head with it. Cadvan let out a yelp and Saliman jumped forward to stop her...

    But right at that moment a pit of swirling flames appeared in the middle of wherever-they-were...

    "Oh f-" started Cadvan, but then a booming voice echoed around the cave.

    "Hello, this is the devil's recording. Satan ain't here right now, but it's time to pick up your soul Mr Cadvan, so if you would please step into the pit I would be awfully obliged. Now scnell !"

    (Scnell means 'fast' in German I might have spelt it wrong since the only German word I know is that one... ) xxx

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    "CADVAN! How could you?" said Maerad, in shock. "I thought you were all for the Light, and ... stuff..."

    "Of course I'm all for the Light," explained Cavdan, "but God and the Devil are a completely different thing! Anyway, I was young and in love and thinking with the hairs on my chest..."

    "You don't have any hairs on your chest, Cadvan" interrupted Milana.

    "What kind of a man are you?!" exclaimed Hem, "Even I have hairs on my chest!" and he ripped his shirt off at the front where it buttons up, revealing a muscly chest with a mass of curly brown hairs.

    "Wow, Hem, I'm so proud of you!" said Maerad.

    "Myeh mm koo" said Saliman around a mouthful of felafel. "Thmmts homw ee oo ik inna souf"

    "What was that?"

    Swallowing his felafel, Saliman said "I said, Yeh, me too. That's how we do it in the South!"

    Suddenly Maerad smelt something burning. "Hey, can anyone smell a burning smell?"

    Looking down on them, Milana saw that the edge of Cadvan's cloak was being singed by the burning pit of flames. "Hey, Cadvan! Don't ruin that nice coat of yours, it brings back a memory of the time when we were on that big, fluffy..."

    "Mum!!!!" said Maerad, "enough information!"

    "Right, sorry dear, but it's a fact of life!" said Milana.

    "Anyway, Cadvan, are you going to get your soul back or what? Because I can't love a man without his soul..." said Maerad.

    "Me neither," said Milana.

    "Me neither," said Saliman.

    Everyone turned around to stare at him. "Well, I can't! Stop looking at me that way, Maerad," he said. "let's go and get his soul back! Who's coming?"

    "Me," said Maerad, "he may need some help if there are any unagreeing demons around..."

    "I have to go," said Cadvan.

    "I'm coming!" said Hem, "everyone else has had an adventure except for me!"

    "Hem, I don't think that's a good idea..." said Milana.

    "You can't argue with me, now Mum, I have hairs on my chest!"

    "Can't argue with that," Milana muttered. She went on in a louder voice. "Well, I am coming since I can't be killed. I'm already dead, you know!"

    Rolling her eyes, Maerad said, "Well that's everyone. What are we waiting for?" And they all jumped into the burning pit of flames.

    They all landed upright and alert, except for Saliman who was feeding himself felafels with his feet. "Saliman!" said Cadvan.

    "Sorry," he muttered sheepishly.

    Looking around, they all saw that they were in a rather nice, cool reception room, facing a lady in a rather tight red dress behind a desk. Behind her was a huge framed picture of a rather handsome devil in a flaming red coat. "Hello, my dears, how are you?" she asked. "His Royal Devilness has just popped out to see the Royal Devil's Mother, but he should be back in a jiffy. Care for some tea and arrowroot bikkies while you wait? Or do you prefer the nice, scrumptious chocolate ones that are dipped in chocolate?"

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    "No thank you," Maerad replied with a brilliant smile, "we were actualy after an appointment with.... ah... his... devil-ish...ness. Any chance of us squeezing in today?" She added hopefully.

    The receptionist banged on the keyboard and looked back at the group with utter disdain.... "Computer says 'no'" she droned, "*cough*".

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    "Oh- wait a sec- yes we do" the receptionist peared through her glasses at the screen " erm... 7:31, we were supposed to have a load of people from that horse crash- most of them are due to die from crushed limbs...erm..dumdedumdedum...yup.Your booked in for 7:31.Thank You. Please come again"

    fast in german is schnell me thinks.(this doesn't bode well for my GCSE german papers....)

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