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    it was............ Saliman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    "Saliman!" cried Maerad

    "Saliman!" cried Hem

    Saliman smiled at them.. "I think i've got a bit of explaining to do.."

    Saliman started humming, and the ropes around Cadvan fell to the ground.

    "I was tying him up so that when Sharma arrives, he will think i have allied myself to the dark side."

    Maerad turned pale. Sharma??????

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    "But why, I don't understand! Why is Sharma coming here? What have you done?" Exclaimed Maerad with her gasping breath issued in short breaths.
    Continuing on whilst his sister caught her breath, Hem spoke calmly, "What exactly where you planning to do with Cadvan, what is the reason of this?"

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    Saliman sighed. "Its too hard to explain..."

    (i.e. i have no idea- i just decided to write it )

    Maerad gulped "OK Saliman, we believe you. But... when is he coming? We need to hide!!!!!!"

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    " Saliman, you are my trusted guide and friend, but please, tell us the truth and then tell us what we need to do! We cannot let Sharma take any of us captive." Cried Hem, exasperated, and thinking of what Saliman could have done to get in a position such as this.

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    "Cadvan and I had planned this as a final trap for Sharma. Now that he has been stripped of his immortality (which Maerad and Cadvan caused by their quest and reunion of the treesong), we can kill him.... but he is oh-so cunning. And this trap would have worked." said Saliman slowly

    "Sharma would have attacked Saliman, dismissing me as being soul-bound behind this rope. In-fact, this rope is a fake, and when Sharma was exposing his full power to kill Saliman, i would have killed him. You know, that when a bard is caught when exposing his power, it can lead to devastating consequences. This is what would have happened." Cadvan explained patiently, with an expression of sorrow on his face, as if he were extremely sorry Maerad and Hem had been caught up in this.

    "Oh.." breathed Maerad.

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    "It can still work, surely! Just tell us what we can do to help!" Cried Hem, studying over Cadvan and Saliman's faces.

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    "You're right! It could still work!!!!!! Just - just get out of the way, or he'll sense you and he might not decide to open up his full power!!!!!" cried Saliman

    "But, where can we go - he'll sense us even a mile off!!" sobbed Hem

    Maerad had an idea. "Quick! Tie us up with Cadvan! He'll think we are incapactated too!"

    "NO!!!" cried Cadvan. "You mustn't risk yourself! You are Elednor, the Fire Lily!" he shouted passionately.

    Maerad walked over to Cadvan, and rested her hand on his shoulder. "Cadvan, i have done my work as the One. I do this by my own choice." she said, as she slipped under the bonds of the rope, and wriggled her way to Cadvans side. Cadvan bent down and kissed her forehead.

    "Bless you, Maerad"

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    "You have taught me well Cadvan, despite everything, and for that I am truly thankful, I am blessed more times over than i could ever hope for." And lowering her eyes Maerad kissed Cadvan gently on the cheek, amazed at her lowered inhibitions.
    Gathering herself, Maerad called to Hem, "You too Hem, but sit behind me, just in case, I could not bear to lose you again!"

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    Maerad felt Hem wriggle up behind her, and she felt the reassuring pressure of his head against her shoulder. She was suprised at how much he had grown - perhaps he wouldnt be able to hide behind her as she had planned.

    They stood in scilence for about five minutes, Maerad drawing strength from the comforting feeling of Cadvans hand squeezing hers.

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    Slowly lulled into a pause, all four were suddenly alert as they heard the slow heavy thud on the ground above them.

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    Maerad gulped, and squeezed Cadvans hand - hard. She felt Hem shivering behind her.

    "Just look as if your dead" whispered Cadvan, as he leant back against the wall and lulled his head to one side.

    The footsteps came closer.. and they could hear the sound of rugged breathing.

    Maerad remembered back to when she and Cadvan had banished the immortality from Sharma and reunited him with his name, by reuniting the treesong. She remembered the form he had been in when they reunited him. With a pang of guilt, she realised that Sharma would have to stay in that form for the rest of her life. When she thought of that form, it almost made her retch.

    She heard the foosteps stop, and a noise like laughing drifted down the hole. She caught the scent of rotten flesh.

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    She heard Hem gasp behind her as they saw a rotten, distorted figure slowly drift down the hole, as graceful as a swift, yet as menacing as an eagle on the descent to catch its prey.

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    "well good morning Saliman.. how are you?" said the figure, pausing to greet Saliman.

    Saliman subconsiously moved away from the dreadful stench.

    Hem sneezed.

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    Upon hearing the sneeze, the figure spun around and shouted into the darkness "What trickery is this, explain yourself!"

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    Saliman quickly stepped in.

    "I know! Sharma, aren't you impressed!!!! I managed to catch them all! even the little pellinor brats! i think they still trusted me" he explaimed.

    Sharma turned and faced him. His face was red with fury. "YOU.. YOU..YOU ARE A TRAITOR!!!! YOU NEVER WERE ON MY SIDE!!!! I SHALL KILL YOU!!!!!"

    and in saying so, he raised his arms in the air and releaseda lightning bolt at Saliman.

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