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    while this was in progress, unaware to either Saliman or Sharma Hem had slipped out of the rope and was standing behind Sharma, as the lighting bolt was realised...

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    Maerad was about to call out when a hand covered her mouth. "Shhhh" Cadvan hissed.

    Hem, with no one to cover his mouth screamed in protest......

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    Sharma released the bolt, and as Saliman crumpled to the floor, breathing heavily in short bursts, Hem came face to face with a pale face incredibly scarred by both time and war. Gasping again Hem backed away from the molten hand that crept out from the swarming robes that encased Sharma. Maerad, who had seen the strange glow that was emitted from the hand, let down her barriers and released swirl after swirl of white light when she saw the glow encompass the whole of Sharma.

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    The swirls of light thundered into Sharmas back, cutting through the spell he was weaving, although not before some of the spell had leaked into Hem.

    Sharma stagered and fell, his soul-less body crashing onto the dusty floor.

    An eerie scilence fell on the company, but then Maerad suddenly slipped underneath the bonds and ran towards Hem, ignoring Cadvans cries of warning.

    Maerad cradled Hem, rocking him slowly back and forth, tears trickling down her cheeks.

    "Why did you do that Hem? You could have died!!!" she sobbed

    Meanwhile, Cadvan had abandonned the fake ropes and had propped Saliman against the wall, tipping Medthyl slowly into his mouth.

    Sharma had been stripped of his soul. He was still alive, but had no memory, no feeling, and no life. He was a dead body, imprisoned inside himself. No way of ever returning to this world.

    But some of his spirit still lingered in Hem, a price he was to pay for his actions.

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    " I feel him inside me, he hurts me, please sister, quick, do something, get him out of me, he hurts, he hurts!" Wailed Hem, tears falling down his cheeks in a fast stream, whilst shaking and twisting, as if he needed to get rid of some inner demon.

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    Maerad called out to Cadvan, the panic clear in her voice, and he came rushing over. He took one look at Hems face.

    "Oh No - he got inside him didn't he" he breathed, looking anxiously at Maerad

    Maerad nodded and sniffed, wiping her eyes with her free hand.

    "What can we do?" she whispered.

    Cadvan looked away, not wanting to be the one to tell her... there was nothing they could do. Hem was to live in agony, his soul being eaten away by Sharma for weeks. Then he would die.

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    "You know something, I know you do, you can't hide it from me Cadvan, please tell me!" She pushed Cadvan against the crumbling wall angrily, demaning an answer.

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    "OK i'll tell you" shouted Cadvan, tears in his eyes.

    "Hem will die in a few weeks These last few weeks will be the worst in his life. He as a part of Sharma in him, and it is eating his soul. He is being eaten alive - from the inside out." he shouted, the mix of his emotions finally getting the better of him.

    He realised what he had said, and he crushed Maerad to his chest, stroking her hair.

    The stood like that for ages, Cadvan surrounding Maerad, holding her, protecting her from the world. But he couldn't protect her from her broken heart.

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    "Thankyou Cadvan, for telling me the truth." And she promptly wept into his shoulder, pulling herself closer, as if wanting to blot out the world. After what seemed like an age, she pulled away slowly, and posed a question to Cadvan.
    "Do you think that one of the Elidhu can heal him, we are of their blood are we not?"
    She had spoken so quietly and softly that Cadvan pulled her close again, responding quietly.

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    Cadvan stepped away from her, wonder in his eyes.

    "How come I didnt think of that! I don't know! We can't get up our hopes, but.. well.. you never know!"

    Quick, get out your flute!!!

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    Maerad played the flute heartily, putting all her woes and loves into the song, and the shimmering form of Ardina appeared before them.

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    Maerad collapsed at Ardinas feet.

    "Please, please Ardina" she sobbed. "Save him!!!!" she chocked, pointing to Hem who lay writhing on the floor.

    Ardina looked at Maerad. "Save him from torture? Anyone can do that. Torture is what he will endure before he dies. Stop him from having that torture. Kill him now" she smiled, kindly.

    Maerad loked up, agahst. "K..Kill him?!? NEVER!!!" she cried, standing up fiercly.

    "I WILL SAVE HIS LIVE!" she cried out to no-one, pounding her fist against the wall.

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    "How can you say something like that, you who endured so much for love? What has happened to you, I don't know you anymore!"
    Maerad sobbed furiously, writhing as if she shared Hems agony.

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    "Maerad" she said softly.

    "Theres more to life than life itself. You do not know of the pains to live forever, to be part of everything, so share the sorrows of all my kin, to be able to change the world but having no cuase to. Aye, I loved. But that love has died away, and though I still feel the grief in my heart, I am glad for him. He passed away at the right time, and I am glad that he passed away, for if he had not, he would have had to become like Sharma, a monster. Feel glad that Hem is not too badly affected, and that he will only die. Be glad for him, that he will pass away, and not become like Sharma. For another second of his deadly spell would have done that. Hem would not have died - he would be soul-less, and he would be immortal like Sharma. Be glad that he will merely pass into another world, not wreak destruction in the ones he loves". Ardina looked deep into the eyes of Maerad, and something in her flickered.

    "My dear girl" she breathed. "I can see how much this boy means to you, and although my previous words are true, i know how much they hurt you. I will try and save Hem on the condition that, if all else fails, you will kill him before he goes insane with his torture."

    "Thank You, Ardina" Maerad whispered

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    Cadvan forced himself to walk up to Ardina, not wanting to offend the elidhu and said, "I thank you also, I know not the terms that have been laid, or what words have passed between your lips, but I can tell by the hope that is shown by Maerad's face you have given Hem another chance, and all I can wish is that it works, for the short life Hem could proceed to live, if all fails, will be painful and heart-wrenching."
    With that Cadvan bowed and walked back to his previous place, but not before he put his hand on Maerad's shoulder, as if to reassure her and said "You have grown so much, and I am proud of you."

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