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    Ya beat me to it Yob!

    I had a feeling the forumites voting patterns and top 10 would be quite similar to the SFSite Reader choices.

    Our Top 3, as well as 8 & 9 are on their reader's lists.

    As for our tastes leaning to fantasy, the fantasy forum has always been the more active forum. However, the SF forum here has been gaining momentum for a while, though I wonder where emohawk is, one of the more consisten posters there.

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    Our Top 3, as well as 8 & 9 are on their reader's lists.
    Hmm, i guess they are more similar than i first thought. Plus some of the books on our list were on the SFsite list in previous years (eg The Wizard Knight).

    The only one i've not heard of is Mélusine by Sarah Monette.
    Here's a description:

    From Publishers Weekly
    Starred Review. Set in the wondrous city of Mélusine, Monette's extraordinary first fantasy novel focuses on two captivating characters from two very different worlds: Felix Harrowgate, a powerful magician at the court of Lord Steven Teverius, and Mildmay the Fox, a cat burglar who has been trained as an assassin. When Felix falls prey to the unscrupulous machinations of a man who's plotting to destroy Mélusine, he's left nearly mad, unable to clear his name or explain his actions. Mildmay, on the other hand, undertakes a simple burglary, thinking it will lead to a bit of extra flash that will keep him going for more than a few days. Instead, the burglary opens the way to a series of unfortunate events that force Felix and Mildmay into a partnership neither of them could have anticipated or desired. Jacqueline Carey provides a blurb, but those readers expecting a knock-off of that author's Kushiel series will be happily surprised. Monette resembles Carey only insofar as she, too, is a highly original writer with her own unique voice.

    Maybe Emohawk will reappear if i big up his recommendation list? I give it a go.

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