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    Mount and Blade - Ohhh the Addiction

    I feel the need to spread news of this most wonderful game!

    It firstly grabbed my attention by the prospect of a free demo which can be found at this site

    Under these conditions you can get the oppurtunity to play up to level 6, in what can only be described as gaming ecstasy!

    Its essentially a simple Medieval hack and slash game (at this early stage anyway), although it has a good deal more to offer. Its a fully realised world, has effortless 3D characters, some amazing fighting (On Horseback, or on foot, or even fighhting over castle walls!) some of the details on the horses for instance are incredible.

    A minor joy (of many) in the game is being to able to master your lance to a point where you can send an enemy horse (and rider) rolling and screaming to the floor in agony from one pass. Its just a perfection of game mechanics.

    While the missions and so on in the standard version you get are fairly linear and straightforward (Kill raiders, rasie troops, capture nobleman etc) its an addiction that rises to high levels. You gain Xp by killing people or completing quests, this pursuit can eventually leads to creating very high level characters, which kick ass!!!!

    And the fun doesn't stop, once this type of game wears you down, theres a whole host of Mods that people have made, as I write this there is a divine Lord of the Rings game called 'Last days' (50 knights of Dol Amroth charging across the plain! Yipeeeeeee), an undead one, the crusades, Norman invasion, WW2, pirates ... Loads simply!!! And all of them very well made and scripted!

    And the amazing thing is this game isn't finshed yet, its on version 0.731

    Anywho, try the demo as its free, then buy the game and get completetly hooked and loose you life to its irresistible charm.

    (These screenshots are from the Lotr's mod, as my mounted knights were destroying a host of Mordor with glorious ease, the quality is better than showed, but the screenshots may not portray it. Though the bottom one shows me with a blade of westernesse coated with blood, this usually happens after slicing open about a dozen orcs)

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    This looks awesome, man!!! I will try it tonight! It reminds me of Medieval:Total war somehow. Thanks for openning my eyes

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    And thus another devotee is born

    (let me know how you found it all?)
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    Im just going to detail this little running battle I had, ahem ...

    In sevice to a certain lord of evil intent, I had been contracted to destroy groups of roaming rangers. With the promise of bags of gold upon the succesfull elimination of each party, I took up sword and shield and set forth to smite the goody goody tree huggers from the land. Packing a powerful party at first, I was able to command a group of the most evil companions, fallen knights, shambling undead, and some rabid fanatics to boot.

    However disastor struck, my first encounter with these rangers proved costly. My nefarious knights were pricked again and again by the foes deadly 'fencer' swords, my unshielded infantry struck full of deadly arrows from long range, my own swift courser of shadow felled from beneath me!

    Oh the terror!

    Filled with malicous anger I sought revenge. Licking my wounds, I retreated from the forest. Back and forth across the land I sought powerfull men to join my cause of retribution.

    By evil craft I summoned the spirits famine, despair and disease. These crafty souls coupled with a better armed coterie of mounted men soon brought ruin upon the troublesome rangers.

    Forward !!!

    My axe ... in YOUR head !!!

    The little blighters are on a hill !!!

    He never knew what him him

    Blooostained axe hanging loosely from tired hands my avatar of wrath roves around looking for someone else to kill.

    Currently this band of blackhearts is still continuing its bloody trek across the landscape, letting nothing stand in its way ... Nothing!

    ... hang on, what do you mean you've eaten all the food! Greedy bunch of slackers! Hah!

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    Sorry Gildor, at last I found the time last night and wasn't impressed at all It has the potential, but ....

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    True it is only a beta ... ah well back to slaughtering hapless peasants.

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