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    Looking for a movie

    Hi guys...
    I could use some help looking for a movie made for TV from the mid-late 90's.
    All i can remember is that people had some crystals implanted on their chest to show each other that they were genetically matched for reproduction. IF you know of this movie i'd love to find out what it was called


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    I think it was called Island (or something like that) and I don't think it was a made for TV movie, I think it was a pilot for a TV show that never got picked up.

    I think the general plot was that humanity had developed some kind of medicine, maybe longevity treatments, maybe immaculate health (I think it was longevity), however it caused many humans to turn into caveman like troglodytes because of some genetic flaw. Hence, the remaining survivors lived in an isolated city (like an Island) and had gems on their chests giving off a certain color based on genetic traits. Only people with the same color were allowed to breed together so as to not recreate any genetically flawed lines.

    Now, seriously, don't even ask me how the crap I remembered all that from the pilot episode of a TV show I only saw once so many years ago.

    I don't remember what I had for breakfast yesterday but I can remember something as inane as this TV show.

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