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    Thumbs up Book about water world with islands that moved with the waves and tides

    I am looking for some help on a book I read 30 years or so ago. I remember it was a world that was all water or oceans; there were islands that moved with the waves and tides. I think some of the characters were giants, long legged and mobile. Unfortunately, I can not remember much more detail at this moment so this may be impossible to rediscover. The writing style seemed to be quite descriptive about the moving islands and the ocean that has creatures also living there.

    Thank you for any help and I appreciate any assistance; by the way I am a newbie here and am extremely grateful for SSFWorld. My name is Jason and my handle is Turewar, please PM me or reply to this thread

    >This was a paperback and was an older book<

    I think I found the book with help from some other groups, thank you all here for trying to assist me, the book in question is C. S. Lewis' "Perelandra"
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