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    Possibly Mirrors were involved...

    I'm not positive whether or not there were mirrors that were used for teleportation (or possibly just far viewing) in the book that I am trying to remember. I read a book in the 90's that I have been trying to find again for the last several years. I remember almost nothing from the book except that it was located in the part of the library shelves that would indicate the author's last name was somewhere in the beginning of the alphabet.

    Here are a few other items I remember:

    1. The main protagonist starts off as a young boy (possibly teen or young man) who is taken in by a older man (hermit/priest maybe) and is basically trained and educated as a well as any noble of the time would be. There must have been some martial training as well because an excerpt I do remember is that a visitor came to call and the young man pins the visitor down until his master returns because, he claims, "The visitor looked ill and didn't move properly".
    2. A poorly remembered quote from the book is where master tells the boy something along these lines "There is no shame in being proven wrong, it is good to have an answer at all"
    3. Like I mentioned earlier I think there were mirrors involved in some way for traveling or scrying but I'm not positive on that fact.

    I know this isn't much information but I would appreciate any comments or feedback anyone might have.

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    Mordant's Need by Stephen Donaldson

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