Well, this is just a observation, but, TOR seems to be the big boys in the Fantasy field. They seem to have a huge selection of Fantasy Authors, and we're talking big ones..

Jordan, Modesitt, Goodkind, Haydon, etc.. BUT, you know, I tend to find most TOR books to be rather blech. I dont like Goodkind, Haydon's book I didnt really enjoy (See Review)..

But, Bantam Spectra..Now, they have some wonderful series going.. Robin Hobb, and George R. R. Martin.. John Marco, etc.. Do you folks watch this at all? I am noticing more publishers myself these days.

And, who is the big boy of the Fantasy writers? I mean, we have Jordan, but, to be honest, I think he is losing Fan support fast.. Goodkind, who, while I dont like, seems rather large, but, even Fans seeem to find his stories to similiar to each preceeding novel?

Any comments? I felt like posting something. =)