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    Reviews vs. Forum

    Alright folks, I feel the need to rant here for just a moment. The "reviews" section of this page is just that- a reviews section. Use it to tell your views on a particular book. Write about what you liked, didn;t like, and your overall impression of the work. It is NOT a section to trash other reviews, respond to reviews, or flame other people who have submitted them. I've posted several reviews there, and have now read at least 10 "responses" to my reviews. I've also read at least 20 reveiws that are direct responses to other reviewers, and not reviews at all. A response to another review belongs here, in the Forum. If you disagree with anyone else's review, post one of your own, pointing out your own ideas and likes, but not trashing another review. In fact, you really shouldn't even mention other reviewers at all, just the work you're reviewing!

    It's not that I'm sensitive. I really could care less if anyone disagrees with me. I'm just really tired of logging onto this site hoping to find out about good books and opinions only to find it clogged up with childish, immature rants about other people's reviews. We have a section for that- here in the Forum. I have managed to not respond to any of these responses, and so have the others here- but it's getting really old. I would hope the moderator of this site might preview such entries next time and decide if they belong in the section they are submitted to.

    I don't mind having discussions about anything I review, and I'm sure others feel likewise, but I won't clutter up the areas meant as resources for readers to do it.

    In a nutshell- this is a book review: "I liked this book because... or I disliked it because..." This is NOT a book review "The last reviewer is an idiot because..."

    There. I feel better now.

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    Yeah, it is a shame that people want to have arguements in the review section.

    People who want to do that need to come to these forums so we can have some good fights...errr discussions about books.

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    Well, what can I say? You're quite right, there is way to much comments on other reviews in the reviews section. I guess it's kind of "historic" in a way. Half a year ago there was no discussion forum, and naturally people started to comment on each others reviews.

    Anyway, that's all in the past, now there's a forum and I'll try to be more restrictive when it comes to accepting reviews

    ...and thanks for pointing it out. It really helps getting some feedback on how to improve the site.

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    I just say sometimes I comment in the review section but that was before I knew about the Forum section but you are right

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    Thanks Rand

    I must say it's a bit hard to draw the line from time to time, but I'm working on it

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