I would like to point out many things.
1) Matt was not in Book 8 becasue his abscence is going to be important in Book 9
2) Book 8 was not boring it was very important to the series and after reading it I finally understood some of the stuff from previous books and it started new things to write about in future books
3) How could any of you say tht R.J. sold out for money, I'm sure he dosen't even make alot of money.
4)I'm sick of people giving R.J. suggestions for his new books, He knows what he is doing and his books have been good without your suggestions
5) Even though I am sick of waiting for the next book I still want R.J. to take his time on Book 9 cause he know what is best.

If you don't agree with me than contact me on ICQ and argue with me. My number is 68557525