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    Farland- Runelords Curious

    I am a big fan of Goodkind, Donaldson, Martin and early Jordan. I have heard some things about this Runelord series, both good and bad. If anyone has read it and would care to give a brief synposis or comparison to other works, that would be greatly appreciated. Thanx

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    Well, I wont compare him to the other authors, but, I do enjoy George R. R. Martin quite abit, and did enjoy Donaldson Convenant series (First 3)..

    I really enjoyed the Farland series.. Lots of Magic invovled in that series, as well as battles. What I did and didnt like about the series is that the books covered very short amounts of time... Like, a week or so..

    But, I do recommend it.. One of the more enjoyable series I have read..

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    I like the Runelords series, the second book just came out in paperback, and the third book WIZARDBORN is due out January 2001. Pretty interesting magic system, which is a basis for the political/governmental system as well. The fact that the story takes place over a shorter amount of time is pretty interesting too.

    Also: I think Donaldson is just about the best and Martin is that good too. Jordan is pretty good as well. Haven't read Goodkind yet, but mulling him over.

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    I wasn't as satisfied with Runelords as I thought I would be. Yeah, plot and character development were good, and the time sequence kept it moving, but I just have a basic problem with the premise that someone has to give up an integral part of themself in exchange for protection, financial stability, etc. This is just a personal preference, of course. IMO, the work of the other authors that you mentioned is far above and better than the Runelords series.

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