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    this is why there SHOULD NOT be a movie

    i know i probably shouldnt have made a new thread but i had to get everyones attention right away.

    Ever heard of eathsea quartet? im sure you mus have. im halfway through the last book myself and i love love love them. they are joint number one on my fave books list (along with The pellinor books). Now i know goro mayiziaki is has made a film (which differs abit but sounds okay compaired to this)

    The sci-fi chanels adaptation of "earthsea". Well it made me feel sicker than sick to read this! they took apart the book and stiched it back to gether and made a FREAK! they didnt include ursula and her books had been around for years! now do you think theyd up and coming authors such as alison? i doubt it. Hollywood has no respect for authors, or so it seems.

    So now im saying to you NO MOVIE!!!! WE DONT WANT IT TO END UP LIKE EARTHSEA.

    rant over!
    bridie xoxo

    Oh and i know there are other threads but can you please keep this here for a little while? just while i seethe in anger at lest . I mean i just went on the sci fi chanels website and it says that Tenar wasnt the high preitess and kossil was next to be pretess and that ged had a lover before going to roke and then nearly had another when on roke?!
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