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    Tawny Man: Worth it?

    Hey everyone, I delved into Farseer based on a suggestion from this site - whoever it was, thanks. Overall it was pleasing, I've read the complaints about the third book, I understand them. I liked it though, most things worked out for the better etc.

    This brings me to the next question - should I keep going with Hobb? Is the Tawny Man a worthwhile undertaking, or do you think there's more pressing fantasy to be read (aside from Erikson or Martin)?

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    Something witty! Bridie's Avatar
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    YES Do read them. They are excellent...

    You should read Liveship Traders first though!

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    Out of all the fantasy series I've read, this one pays off the most in the end. Read all nine books, in a row, one right after another...I guarantee you'll find few that are equal or better.

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