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    Cool I'm re-reading HOTS...

    ...for the third time now and it only gets better Felice is growing on me this time around because, before, I was so focused on everyone else that I didn't really see what a cheeky, intelligent girl she is Don't get me wrong, I have always liked her as a character and I think she works wonderfully with Owien but it wasn't until I was reading through, knowing the story already that I think I took the time to really delve in and flesh out the characters a little more in my imagination...

    Okay, I'm done

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    Talking I'm also re-reading

    I'm so excited!! i can't wait to jump back in and re-read all the books, i'v read the first 30 pages of dragonclaw again, & i think it's going to be better the second time round!!

    These books are so good!

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