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    Arsaki was also a fantastic character, though I thought all of them were pretty great...

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    I AGREE... some books are so good that comparison to them should be banned. So in future, the standard of reference for all of Feist's books shall be the Empire Trilogy.

    Magician... is just in a class by itself. I started reading it on the plane going back to my hostel a week before my exams, and sat up the night and most of the next day trying to finish it. NO other book has made me stay up for 30 hrs+ at a stretch. In fact I even had it open at mealtimes.

    The Empire books had a similar but less dramatic effect on me. I managed about 5 hrs of sleep in the 3 days it took me to finish the series... and thank God I'm a pretty fast reader, otherwise I shudder to think what might have happened

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