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    I'd have to say that I prefer series. But it all depends on my mood. My book taste is as varied as my music taste, and just as moody, I guess.

    A series is attractive if you like guessing what will happen next, cuz you can always pull out the next book and keep reading to see if you figured out the story, or guessed right. (I am so guilty of that.. snickering half way through a movie cuz I am pretty sure what is going to happen in the next twenty minutes.. I think I aggravate those who watch movies with me)

    A stand-alone book is just as good, depending on its ending. Some stand alones are solidy closed, leaving no hint to the imagination, nothing to think about for the future of the character(s). Other stand alones end just that story, but leave the future wide open for the characters, and you get the yearning to write your own fanfiction or create your own stories based on what you think will happen in the future. Either of those options simply depends on your mood and what you feel like reading at that time. (sadly.. you dont know if you'll personally approve of the ending of the stand alone or the series intro til you get to it!)

    This certainly got my mind working.. now I've got to go search the library to find their stand alones and see if I approve of them/want to read them. =)

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    Most of the time I prefer series, for the reasons everyone has stated above.

    But a stand-alone is a great treat. Especially after you've finished reading a long series. What is even better is a good stand-alone. Those are very hard to find in my opinion.

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    I have noticed that my reading patterns will lead me to reading a series, usually a trilogy. I find myself getting very absorbed by these series books, not in a bad way, that is just what happens.

    I usually like to read all of the series at one time, unless it is not all published (GRR Martin and Robert Jordan to name two). I have tried not to start any new series that are not complete.

    Usually when I finsih the said series, I will look for a stand-alone book to read. To sort of break up things before getting totally wrapped up in another series.

    So I guess I alternate between the two.

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