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    Fanal fantasy book?

    I everyone!
    I was wondering if there was a final fantasy book out there.
    It would be a great idea dont you think?
    Brook, edding, masterton and others are all good choice for this task. I just hope that somebody out there is working on it.

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    I'll go one better than that - have you heard about the FF film currently being done by Square Soft (and probably every computer artist in Japan). The film is set to be total computer generated (as per the cut scenes in the games), but will be a whole new story - not linked to Squall, Cloud etc or any of the previous eight games.

    I'm not sure if there's a web site for it, so can't offer anymore info - sorry - if you do find one, please let me know.

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    I am now an avid gamer because of "The Final Fantasy" playstation games, if anyone hears of a book. I would love to know about it too!

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    There are no books! At least not state-side.
    There are few Final Fantasy animes out there. I wasn't impressed, but check out your local video store if you're curious.

    As for the movie, I don't think you guys have any idea awsome this film will be. The level of detail blows any FMV you've seen in games out of the water. Faces have wrinkles, and more expresions than you can shake a stick at.

    There's lots out there on the movie, just run a Final Fantasy the Movie search on your internet search engine.

    Have fun everyone

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    Problem with the movie is it will happen on our own Earth like 100 years from now, so yeah there is a character called Cid, but will be chocobos, moogles and the rest of the usual cast?
    If it's going to be a regular sci fi thing with a character called Cid, it won't be much of a final fantasy.

    About the books, the final fantasy games have good plotlines compared to computer games, but let's face it, compared to fantays games the plotlines are pretty simple and childish. not to mention the texts.

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    The website for the movie is
    There are no books out for Final Fantasy, animes do exist, but were not impressive as was said before. If you want to read anything about the movie, sometimes has some information about them, you can check their archives for past information on the games. I personally didn't like FFVII and FFVIII as much as I liked the ones for previous systems. They didn't have the middle ages look, and they gave magic to everyone which isn't how it is supposed to be done. Anyway, before this turns into a FF rant, check out the websites for information on the movie.

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