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    Old people don't follow arguments so good, I guess. Cause what I get from this writer's words is the idea that:
    (1) presence on the internet constitutes advertising
    (2) the more places you make yourself known, the more presence you have.
    When someone types into a search engine this writer's name, the more hits the engine returns, the better chance someone will go see what all the fuss is about. If the search engine reports 6 billion hits, the evidence indicates that he has been in the ear of every person on the planet, then there must be something to this writer that makes him so popular.
    So, the whole purpose of this discussion is to establish that presence and thus get another hit on a search engine.

    Tell you what, writer person, get yourself a posting in Wikipedia. If I can find an article about your book in Wikipedia, I may go look at what you've written. Otherwise, nothing you've written about the book has drawn my interest thus far.
    Oh, yeah, I rarely look past the first page of my search engine so the number of hits doesn't do anything for me but I'm old; young people may see it differently.
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