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But what about the people like me that have already sent previous requests to get my book reviewed for free but has yet to receive an OK from any of them that they will give it a fair chance? How can that be my fault that I am forced to go the paid review route?

In hindsight I am now aware that paid reviews are frowned upon with the status quo readership. But I still contend that I thought the review fee was just simply a guarantee that it will be reviewed within a reasonable time frame and to have the review permanently posted on their website. Even if I can get a book blogger to review my book for free, I am sure they will only reiterate the positives and negatives that my paid reviews did.
More and more bloggers and other people are getting inundated with requests to read/review my book. The best way is to send out a large email (stating this is a mass email) looking for those interested in reading and possible reviewing your book. Don't just send the book unless asked. Make sure you have something written up about the book, about you, etc. Standard press package. Those interested will get back to you. This is also something you'd like to do, preferable, 4-6 months prior to the book coming out. People are more likely to read/review something that not available to the public yet.

Include in that same email you can ask for people interested in interviewing you for their blog (a blog tour). This is another way to get exposure without people having to read your book. Just make sure you're targeting correctly. Don't be sending your Sword and Sorcery book to a Paranormal Romance site.