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    Robert Jordan or Mr.G?!

    Who do you prefer-Robert Jordan or Mr.G{Terry
    Goodkind}?I think that SoT are more interesting that WoT,but I think that "the Eye of the World" is better than all books from Goodkind and others from Jordan,so I prefer Jordan.

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    I honestly think the only substantial difference between Jordan and Goodkind is the fact that Goodkind gives closure at the end of his novels while continuing to move the overall story arc along.

    Jordan on the other hand rarely gives much closure, and seems to arbitrarily end his novels.

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    I prefer Jordan. I like his storyline and characters more than Goodkind's. However, I enjoy both these writer's books and would not like to have to do an either/or choice between the two. Also, Winter's Heart was really good. It got Jordan's WoT back on track (IMHO) and I just finished it last week, so it is probably influencing my preferences. Then again, I haven't read or heard a lot of good opinions on Goodkind's most recent book. I'm waiting for its paperback release. I only buy Jordan in hardcover. :-)

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    I enjoy Wheel of Time more, but I have only read Wizard's First Rule by Mr. G. While it was good, I think it was not nearly as great as any of the Wheel of Time books.

    I think that there is a much more grand and epic feel to Jordan's writing, judging merely on both authors first two books alone. I also get a sense that RJ has a better fantasy background and generally has a better 'feel' for fantasy than TG.

    However, since I did enjoy WFR, I will eventually read the second SOT book, and see if I want to go from there.

    The Florida recount not-withstanding, my vote goes strongly for Robert Jordan.

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    Robert Jordan for sure.

    The Wheel of Time is a high fantasy epic while The Sword of Truth is not much more than a series of swords and sorcery books.
    And when i read Terry Goodkind i feel like he is laughing his ass off on dumb me who wasted money on his books.

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