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    Unfinished Business?

    Hi. I think i read somewhere on this site a few days ago on my first visit that the Sword of Truth series was unfinished? Is that true? I ask because i never noticed it say anywhere in the book that a new book was forthcomming. I found it to be an ok series, though light in depth. Why did the main villian seem to die at the end of each book only to be replaced by a new one in the next? At least i find the female characters more likeable than Jordans in the WOT. Anyways, when is the next book in the SOT supposed to be comming out? Also, does anyone know how many books the WOT series is going to eventually have? I'm re-reading the series and i'm just about done Path of Daggers again, or i would have read Winters Heart by now. (I bought it today) I think 11 or 12 would be more than ample time to draw everything to a satisfying close. It's a great series, but it's gonna take like 15+ years when its all said and done. What do you think?

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    I love WOT, but it is frustrating not knowing how long the series will actully end up.
    Everytime a new book comes out RJ has been quoted as saying that the series will take "at least 3 more books".

    At this rate it may end up being 12 or 13 books.

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