So I just finished AGoT. Awesome, just awesome. It sucks that he killed Eddard off, but I'm getting over it. Anyway, on to the questions:

On the second to last Daenerys chapter, I'm a little confused. Drogo could not ride, so most of his khal wanted to abandon him, or at the very least kill the Maegi who did this. That was who Ser Jorah was fighting while the Maegi was in the tent performing the ritual. In the aftermath, his bloodriders stayed with Daenerys while others fled, right? Now, on to Daenerys. She miscarried, right? Now all that talk by Ser Jorah about giving birth to a dragon, did I read right? Her son was a dragon? Also, the Maegi made her miscarry on purpose, right? That's what I read. I'm not too sure. Thanks for the help.