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    Lani,I was making reference to Pluvious in my last post, not you. I agree with most of what you said.

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    Hi all,

    Well, I do agree in part with most everyone ! Personally I think that nothing /should/ change anyones mind about an author except for that person reading the book for themselves. Anything else is grossly unfair to the author of the book. For all I have come to dislike Jordan's work (and have stated my reasons for this elsewhere) I would be appalled if someone decided, on the basis of my opinion, to not read Jordan's series. Let everyone formulate their own opinion based on their own experience.
    Perhaps the best point made on this thread is about people bashing one author to compare another author more favourably. I'm not sure if I am guilty of this or not. However, I believe I made a point rather similar to this on the 'praise goodkind' thread (can we also have a rule about not using all-caps for titles?). I noticed that after a couple of goodkind fans posted their enjoyment of Goodkind's series the 'anti-goodkind' brigade jumped in and started their goodkind-bashing routine. It annoyed me then and it annoys me now.
    If people like an author and you don't, this isn't cause to jump all over their opinions. However, if a larger discussion is started such as 'whom is the greatest author' then this is an appropriate place to make comparisons.


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    Well, I certainly agree that people shouldn't go around forcing opinions or bashing authors for no reason other than to try to force someone to think like they do.

    Anyway, I know I have changed drastically as a reader over the years and I like to see and hear what other people have to say about authors-especially those less known ones. Sometimes people see things I don't (amazing as that may sound!!!).

    Anyone who wouldn't mind posting a review of a book they liked (that isn't so well known) would be nice. I for one am skeptical about most fantasy, but could be persuaded to read some if I knew what it was about and it had the prospect of being good.

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