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    Open String Story Order

    Ok I have gotten around to making up the order for the story as it seems like everyone has signed up that would like to.
    1. Ethanx-Me
    2. Pluvious
    3. Sojourn
    4. Fitzchivalry
    5. Wastra
    6. Drakkon
    7. Koz
    8. Mick 141

    Just so as not to jump right in and have someone not have the time to post I will officially have the first post up on Tuesday, then within 24 hours or immediately after Pluvious will post and so on and so forth. If you are on this list and do not wish to participate please reply to this saying to please take you off. I will also now create the side post for any discussion of the stroy itself outside of the actual content. Let's have some fun.


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    I understand we need to post character backgrounds and other background info in the other thread you just created?

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    You can do it either way. You can do it within the story post if you like by using **** character info*** or just using ***refer to discussion string*** and post it there.

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    I've decided to withdraw from the open string story. Sorry.

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