I've recently gotten a DVR, which has really changed my TV viewing habits, I love pausing live TV and fast forwarding the commercials.

I am big sports nut, right now its the Mets, but I love the NFL and college football as well.

L O S T is the best show on TV, bar none. Some uneven episodes this year for sure, but they have really been coming on with some great episodes lately. This year we are buiding up to another great cliffhanger. Despite some episodes that did not seem to have a whole lot happening, the quality of this show is in the exquiste details, lovely editing, wonderful camerawork, and puzzle pieces galore.

I know we had a thread going on L O S T at some point in the past, seems like there are plenty of fans here, God knows L O S T is certainly SF, why don't we get another thread going on L O S T?

Other shows I like:

The Amazing Race: I don't really have any favorites in this "All-Star" version, but this show is still the best reality show. The stars of the shows are the destinations themselves, just a lot of fun with a travelogue. ( I do like the beauty queens, Dustin is pretty smoking... ..."Hey Now"...

Deadliest Catch: Not quite sure why I like this show so much, I guess it is kind of like, "Man my job is boring, but at least I should make it home every day"....

24- yeah I know Jack has the same MO every friggin day, still this show is so well done, ya gotta love it.

The Shield- Nothing like dirty cops to get the blood boiling, very unpredictable and high quality episode after episode.

Man vs.Wild- What a great concept! And it could save your life sometime. I love the fact that Wolf does all his own camera work, Man he is a Man's Man!

Formula 1- the pinnacle of racing, the unbelievable cars, the cutting edge of technology, the wonderful courses, great history, intriquing stories this year now that the awesome Michael Schumacher has retired, Lewis Hamilton is some impressive rookie, no one has ever had a better start in the world's best race cars...every race is DVR'd and devoured by this American fan! I think I might give up a pinky for a few laps in the Ferrari or the McLaren.

The Sopranos- OK it ain't the same, but the acting and writing remain superb, time for Tony to meet his destiny, should be fun trying to guess if he gets wacked, sent up the river or...?