I thought I would start this thread about TV shows, because I was wondering who is watcing the new shows, or continuing with the old ones.

I have started watching the new show Studio 60 on The Sunset Strip. I missed the pilot but you can watch the whole pervous episode on the web site, so I watched it there.

Studio 60 Home Page

It is the new show from Aaron Sorkin and Thomas Schlamme who did West Wing. The dialog is fabulous and the characters/actors are good to, if a little too blowdried.

I also have been watching Rescue Me this year, though it has finished for the year. It was the 3rd season and I got the first 2 on DVD.

I also got hooked on The Deadliest Catch which was about fishing for crab in Alaska. That is over too, not sure if it will be back.

I really like the history and science shows on cable: History-International, National Geo, Science channel, Discovery-Times channel, PBS, and sometimes the History channel when its not running WWII/Civil War 24/7.

Ocasionally a movie on the free movies channels.

Other than that I only watch NFL football, the sports shows about football, and the NFL network.