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    this is stupid but can't remember a book


    I need some help, as ridiculous as this is, but I can't remember the tittle of this book or its author. I kind of remember the story line so I was wondering if anyone could help me find this book as I'm pretty sure the next one in the series is out by now.

    So all I know is this;
    >There's this guy who's a fisherman in a loveless marriage and he has two kids but his daughter was taken off to learn magic and only his son is around, however his daughter returns and she's blind and they have to go on the run from some people and it turns out his wife was having an affair with the head of the rich half of town.

    >meanwhile there's this really intelligent, if not socially inept, girl who lives way down south across the border and she's amazing at maths and the emperor of the southern region (who is really evil) needs her help for something and then the girl falls in love with the emperors slave and they all one way or another end up travelling north over the border.

    >while all that's happening there's this really powerful woman who was queen of this other country but now she has to go on the run. She meets this guy on her travels who she really likes and it turns out he's the king of the first place and they used to be an item but now she hates him.

    >and in the end they all inadvertently meet up in this cave of the gods ( a father and his two offspring - the son and the daughter) and everyone gets this important mission and the evil emperor has to be destroyed and then the book ends lol

    please can anyone help me figure out what this book is or the author.

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    have a great information of this.. Then why you want to get the name of the book???

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