Okay, I hope I didn't get everybody excited and make you think there was a movie (I have no idea if there is going to be one but that doesn't matter, moving on). I've visited a few discussion forums and they'd love to see a movie made from Kate's 'The Starthorn Tree' but would be worried about what would be cut out (take a look at HP).

So, I (oddly) like to write in my spare time and that actually already includes movie scripts that I've started getting together (I've written what I'd like to see in HP + OofP as well as extra episodes for TV shows I like) and was wondering:

If there was to be a movie script of 'The Starthorn Tree' what would you HAVE to have in there and what wouldn't matter that it was cut out?

And if you're all lucky, I'll let you look at it.

PS. Kate, your input would be AMAZING!