I received Polity Agent on Saturday (ordered it from bookdepository.co.uk who ships free here to the US) and I have just finished it yesterday. If you read the 3 Cormac books this is a must since it ties up pretty much everything from those (Dragon, Jain, Horace Blegg and much more), explains and reveals quite a lot of things and starts up a new Polity thread to be continued.

In the process we see ground war, space war, Dragon fights, massive Polity projects (start of a Dyson sphere, arcologies, massive building and arming - the only question I have after that is why the Polity did not finish the genocidal Prador off - maybe the cost was deemed too high? ), almost every surviving character from the first 3 books and some new characters including a bored spider war drone that attaches itself to Cormac to "see action", and also some backstory of the Polity and Earth Central.

Highly recommended of course; as of now it surpasses the Skinner for the position of my favourite N. Asher book, mainly because a "global" book that well integrated is hard to write. Gridlinked was a very good book though a bit uneven, I did not like that much The Line of Polity though in retrospect it is enhanced a lot by its 2 sequels, I liked a lot Brass Man but it was still a chapter in a story; Polity Agent though brings everything together, smoothly, and delivers a great read with lots of memorable scenes (one of my favourites - Mr. Crane throwing a Jain egg to..., read the book to see to whom, and the why and what - "There comes a time when useful fictions become weaknesses to be exploited").