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    Post Does anyone know the name/author of this short story?

    A challenge, can you identify this short story?
    Any help very much appreciated.

    A young woman as part of her University studies obtains from the library bones of varius animals to arrange/reconstruct. She asks the librarian (young man) for something completely different, a challenge. He gives her a bag with bones of a winged creature with an otherwise human body structure. Upon completing the reconstruction she gradually transforms into one of these creatures. She finds the librarian has also been transformed. They fly away together realising they can no longer be part of society.

    - The story was most likely written in the 60s/70s.
    - It was part of a collection released in Former Yugoslavia, most likely a translation.

    Thanks in advance...


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    I deleted your other two exact posts, crossposting is frowned upon. This has more of a Science Fiction sound to it, anyway.

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    Thanks Rob, sorry about that...

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