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    trying to find a book

    I read a book many years ago where the main character went through a portal into a world were the more you used an object the newer and more advanced it became.he also had a robot with him that he sent off to explore to try to find out where they were and when it returned it was very advanced.that all of the help i can give.hope someone can help me.

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    Welcome to sffworld, kantor.

    This sounds more like sf to me so I moved it here. Apart from that - the Book Club was not the place to post it either. Just saying.

    For your question: I can't help you, don't know that book. Hope you find answers here.

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    Sounds (with some differences) like David Brin's The Practice effect.
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    Quote Originally Posted by north View Post
    Sounds (with some differences) like David Brin's The Practice effect.

    i checked it out and it is the right book.i did not think it was going to be this easy.thank you and happy Thanksgiving to you.

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