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    Kingdoms of Thorn and Bone

    Hey all,

    Has anyone read the Kingdoms of Thorne and Bone series by Greg Keyes?

    If so did you like it? What is the buzz on it?

    I heard it was "Martin-Lite"

    Thanks for your time

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    Martin-lite sums it up very nicely...

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    IMO, it's pretty deep fantasy, but it's also 'clean' and not too complicated. Not as good as Erikson/Bakker/Martin, but definitely at the tier below.

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    Average work. I read the Briar King and thought it was mediocre, but I had already bought Charnel Prince and hoped it would be more thrilling. It wasn't. There isn't one category in which Keyes really excells in my opinion. The plot is very stop and run, stop and run. The characters are detailed but none of them is interesting to me, they are like charicatures. Worldbuilding like this we have seen many times before. Overall rating: 6 out of 10.

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    Really good IMO. I thought the world building and sense of history and mystery in the Briar King was excellent. Charnel Prince didn't reach quite the same heights but was still hugely enjoyable.

    I've seen a few suggestions that it is sub-Martin. People can have their own opinions, but for me this is a fairly meaningless comparison. As far as I am concerned, the series is, so far, excellent fantasy.

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    One of the reasons I enjoy this series is that it is "lite" in the sense that you get the same thing from Keyes in 400 pages that it would take Martin 800 pages to write. The plot is much more focused, and the books are generally free of all the extra baggage you get in the bricks delivered by guys like Erikson, Jordan and Martin. But if you enjoy all those details, you may not like Kingdoms of Thorn and Bone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nightsorrow View Post
    IMO, it's pretty deep fantasy, but it's also 'clean' and not too complicated. Not as good as Erikson/Bakker/Martin, but definitely at the tier below.
    I like the clean and uncomplicated remark, that certainly rings true with me.

    While the first two books i've read aren't anything special, they are reliably good reads. The characters I found engaging, they wern't too complexly introduced, or spurting any dense philosophy, or proving to be arduos to read about. The story was the standard ancient evil device, plus the usual politics, mad relatives, that sort of thing.

    I'm with Physics Knight, in that it had me flipping the pages. I think this is simply because its a steady and adventurous, decently written few books.

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