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    Yet another werewolf question?

    Okay, so I'm sure almost everyone here knows that I'm a big fan of werewolves. So I was just thinking, when someone changes into a werewolf, is their fur color determined upon their hair color? I have dark brown hair, so does that mean that if I turned into a werewolf, my fur color would be dark brown? I know it's a goofy and somewhat random question, but I've been wondering it for a long time. Does anybody have any answers?

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    I think it's pretty much open to interpretation, Zsinj. I wouldn't say it's a cardinal rule, but I have definitely read books where the the hair colour is matched by the fur colour.

    It makes sense to me. After all, your hair colour changes and I have on occasions dark brown hair (with grey) and a lighter brown beard. C'est la vie.

    But I wouldn't say it was essential.


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