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    Is Robert R. McCammon ever going to start writing horror again?

    Okay, I've only read one novel by Robert R. McCammon, and that was his first book, Baal. It was a bit on the campy side, but I absolutely enjoyed it. I certainly plan on reading all his other horror works too. But recently I've noticed the latest books he has written, the "Speaks the Nightbird" series and its spinoff, the "Queen of Bedlam" are historical fiction. Now I love historical fiction, and one of my favorite periods happens to be the one that he's focusing on in this series, the period of the Salem Witch Hunts, but I'm wondering, is McCammon just trying something a little different for a while, and is he someday gonna write horror again?

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    Here's an interview with McCammon. He says if Queen of Bedlam doesn't do well, he'll go back into retirement. Hard to tell if he's joking about that.

    I read Speaks the Nightbird. Except for the padding, I thought it was pretty good. I'll probably read the new one too.

    I read all his horror titles years ago and liked them, especially Stinger.

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