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    anybody read Jennifer Roberson's-Karavans

    What do you think?

    I hope it isn't romance.

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    I have not read it, but based on some of her previous works (Cheysuli Chronicles), I would put significant effort into avoiding it.

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    I liked her Tiger and Del novels very much. One of my favorite "guilty pleasures" in fantasy reading.

    I would be much surprised if there was no romance element in her new series. I read a short story she wrote (Ending an beginnig, publ. in DAW 30 Year Ann. : Fantasy) which is set in her Karavans universe and it was pretty good.

    My impression is that this series is more ambitious and more big scale than her previous works. That means a larger cast of characters, war between different nations etc.. That's quite different from her Tiger & Del novels where you only had two main characters and a rather intimate small scale plot.

    The book got some decent reviews but several reviewers also warned the book has a real cliffhanger ending. So I'm waiting for this series to be more complete before taking a chance. Problem with these multi-volume series is that the first book is often more a sort of introduction than a real complete novel.

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