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    Song Of The Day

    Each day, as long as my mind is functioning and I have access to my computer, I'm going to post my song for the day or artist for the day, if I can't single it down to one song only. I'm aware all the time how important music is to me. I'm never without it. It motivates me, soothes me, assuages my anger, my guilt, enhances my love, my emotions, gives words to my feelings. I'd sooner lose my sight than my hearing if I ever had to choose.

    Certain songs stick with me for an entire day. I wake up singing them. And if I don't, I put my earphones in my ear, my ipod's always set to random, and I listen to the things I love the most.

    Please, by all means, post your song of the day if you wish. But please just keep it to one song or one artist per day. Thanks.


    What I'll Remember Most, by Over the Rhine.
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