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Thread: What Program?

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    What Program?

    I was wondering what program everyone uses when writing on the computer? WordPad, NotePad, Microsoft Word or something else. Just curious, I know its a personal choice, so not everyone uses the same program.

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    Abiword - I can put it on a thumb drive and take it anywhere, plus the price is right.

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    I use Word, mostly for easy compatibility with whatever machine I might likely to need to open a file on (or to send a file to someone else), but not for any particular feature of Word itself.

    I might add that there is a free add on to Word that I personally find extremely useful, called WordWeb. It is a combined dictionary and thesarus that is far better than the built-in stuff in Word. There is a free version and Pro version; I use the free version. It sits as a tool bar button inside Word and is dirt-simple to use; I probably use it every day.

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    Word is also what most people who accept electronic manuscripts want, either as a .doc or .rtf, and its something of the industry standard. It's also very easy to use.

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    Word for text, photoshop for everything else. And of course, I use the old school dictionary and thesaurus.

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    when you say word, are talking Microsoft Word or Wordpad?

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    Microsoft Word. The only thing I use WordPad for is for formatted text files (used a lot in the 3D programs I do my art with).

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    I use Word, but my trial is due to expire, so I need to buy a license key. Im not too hot on the idea of paying 300$ on it. Im not qualified for a student and teachers edition version. Theres also a Microsoft Works Suite 8, which includes Word 2002 and Encarta, anyone tried it? I think I'll but it. What's the difference between Word 2002 and Word 2003 beside the toolbar look?
    Sorry for my english, which isn't my native language.

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    I doubt there is much difference between 2002 and 2003, certainly nothing that would effect your ability to do word processing or share files.

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    I use yWriter2 by SpaceJock. It has quite a few limitations (only dealing with txt files for example) but imho its pros far outweigh its cons.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Jacquin View Post
    I use yWriter2 by SpaceJock. It has quite a few limitations (only dealing with txt files for example) but imho its pros far outweigh its cons.
    I've used that a few times, and first impressions are good - it provides you with a well structured approach, and the ability to edit and change things easily an efficiently.

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    I started my first novel on a spiral notebook with a number 2 pencil. I upgraded to ball-point pen the next day.

    I didn't get a computer to write with until about 4 months later. I had Dos 3.1 and I used edit.exe to write .txt files.

    NOW, I am back in the 21st century. I use MS Word 2003 and I highly recommend it. The only thing I use notepad for is to jot down little notes, kind of like those yellow sticky pads you stick everywhere. I deleted wordpad.exe from my computer. No one on earth has any business using Wordperfect at all ever. I appologize to all those Wordperfect users out there, but it has got to be one of the worst wordprocessing software programs ever. (I'm talking about PC software, I have no idea what software brands are like on the Mac.)

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    MS Word is functional for my purposes, but I do have to use the "Shut the Hell up" option for the grammar bully paperclip.

    I hate the little swine underlining stuff as I'm trying to write. It's like have an imp sitting on your shoulder...

    "This is not right", "This doesn't look right either" , "This is a fragment and makes no sense".

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    When I really need to super-format a file, I use Open Office which is a free, open source Word substitute.

    Most of my actual writing takes place in Abiword because it's just so slick.

    When I'm just taking notes I generally use Kate, which is like Notepad for KDE (Linux)

    I'm trying to learn VI but I really doubt I'll ever do any serious writing in it.

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    speech recognition?

    There are many features in Speech Recognition in Windows Vista
    Have anybody tried it?

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