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    Question Does anyone know this book???

    I sent a short time in Guatemala and read part of a book that had the cover ripped off. I would love to finish it if I can but I do not know the name or the Author. Any help would be great.

    Main character was a Barbarian type and each person in his tribe had an orb which was their life (Defined them eg. who they married). He lost his orb and went on a journy with his dog to find it or a new life. Along the way he met an woman without an orb who he married and had children with and there was a large green scaley animal with a ver long neck that walked on all fours that was very intelligent and assisted him in this journey.

    The book was not a new book it was a older novel. Anyone that can help?

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    I'm going crazy here. I remember this, if it was set on Earth, when the sun was about to die....I cannot for the life of me remember the title, but I can see the cover in my mind of a guy with a family and a green scaleddinosaur type thing...

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    Got It!

    Is this it?

    Fifteen billion years from now, Earth is a dying planet - its skies darkened by the ashes of burned-out galaxies, its molten core long cooled. But young Deyv of the Turtle Tribe knew nothing of his world's history or its fate. He lived only to track down the wretched Yawtl, who had stolen his precious Soul Egg. Together with Vana, a girl from another tribe, and the plant-man Sloosh - both also victims of the same thief - they trailed the thief across a nightmare landscape of monster-haunted jungle and wetland. The search for the Soul Eggs led the troupe into deeper and deeper peril - first to the lair of Feersh the Blind, the witch who had ordered the thefts; then to the Bright Abomination, the jeweled wasteland that harbored The Shemibob, the ageless being from another star who knew Earth's end was near... and held the key to the only way for any to escape that end.

    DARK IS THE SUN - Philip Jose Farmer.

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    I'am almost sure Asher is right. This novel is Dark is the Sun by PJ Farmer. I read it a couple of years ago. An enjoyable quest/adventure/far future novel by Farmer. Although it reminded me a lot of one of his earlier novels called The Stone God Awakens.

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    That's a great cover, and so similar to the description it must be the right book!

    I'm amazed though that that little raft is so stable with the big green guy on board. In fact I bet it sank only seconds after he got on and they all had to swim back to shore..
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    Thank you

    That is exactly it. I have been pulling my hair out trying to remember this book. It all came back to me in your description. Thank you so much


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