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    The Flash -- ??

    Honestly, what'm I missing? On rottentomatoes, the new Flash show is very highly rated, and apparently it's the network's (CW) most-watched show. But to me, it looks lame and I feel like it's a lost cause. I used to like the old series from the 90s with John Wesley Shipp. IMO, the strong points there were the main character, the suit, the sfx, and the oddball "art deco" set design with classic cars etc. With this new show, the fx are fair (given how much things have advanced in 20 years), but the characters are very so-so. The head of Star Labs is an exception, as he's got something sinister going on, but the others, they're much too pretty and clean. Their moments of angst, conflict and hardship seem meek. On the plus side, the criminals seem to have something going on, which the old series lacked, but even there, they all seem to wear the same sneer. "How to Spot the Bad Guy" - look for the sneer. The action should be about doing fun/interesting/creative things with speed, and lots of it, but my itch isn't getting scratched. The scene where he saves passengers in a train wreck in real time was cool, though.

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    Vast Improvement....

    Like you I had my doubts when I watched the pilot. It felt a little cheesy, but as the season has progressed and we have seen the emergence of the "Negative Flash" and all of Harrison Well's plotting it has really gripped me. Let's hope they keep up the good work during the second half!

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    What I hate about it is the prominence of nonsense science babble. I have no problem with fantasy-science, like the miracuru (sp?) on Arrow, or the many things that arent explained on Agents of Shield, but when you start babbling extensively about science, it annoys me if its patently idiotic. And on the Flash, this is almost an every episode thing. For example, the plan for attacking the metal man wasn't too accelerate a projectile and let it go. No, no that would have been too logical. Rather, the idea was to accelerate the Flash and do a super punch at high speed, because um...well the babble didnt stay with me, but it offended me at the time.

    I guess this doesn't bother many people, but its not a little issue for me with The Flash.

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