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    What are some TV show episodes that have plots where 2 people merge together?

    In the area of body switching plots, 2 people switch bodies with each other. There are cases where 2 people end up being in the same body. Person B would be trapped in person B's opposite partner, person A.


    Person A in Person B's body with Person A. Person A and Person B in the same body.

    Person A and Person B are in one body. Two heads.

    Person A and Person B are fused together.

    Person A and Person B are in one body but can switch forms, back and forth.

    Person A and Person B are merged together and form a composite form of them. Composite fusion

    Both male/male or female/female and male/female combinations are what I am referring to. As many as possible online episodes of shows is what I am looking for in this area of plots. Full online episodes would be good. What are some of these episodes with such types of transformations in them?

    Movies would be good too.

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    There was the episode of ST Voyager where Neelix and Tuvak merge.


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    Does every episode of Quantum Leap count? and any adaptation / variation / plagiarism of The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde would fit the fourth option on your list.
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    There are 2 Japanese superhero shows I remember that involve merging of two people. One is the 70s' Barom One (which had a later anime OAV), and the other is the recent series Kamen Rider Double.

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