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    Man in the High Castle

    I've recently heard from my sister (who isn't into Science Fiction at all) that Amazon has a streaming site that "test runs" pilots for mini-series and if enough people respond favorably they continue the project. One of these is Phillip K Dick's masterpiece The Man in the High Castle which to my knowledge anyway has never been attempted on the large or small screen. My sister not ever having heard of it before gave it a try and said it was quite good. Has anyone else out there seen it yet? I think she said you can preview the pilot for free but that window may have passed by now.

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    Saw it yesterday.

    It's really good. Produced by Ridley Scott, adapted by Frank Darabont (Walking Dead), it takes the book and turns it into something more straightforward. It's not as subtle as the book, but the setting is wonderfully done.
    (There's even an origami unicorn in there!)

    I really hope they make a series of it.

    The way it works is that having watched it for free, Amazon Prime members can vote on this and the other pilot programmes available. The most popular pilot will be made into a series by Amazon - or as somebody at work put it, they will 'do a Netflix'.
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