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    Pellinor "What If's" (spoilers)

    I'm not sure if something like this has ever been done before, whether in general discussion or a specific thread, so if it has someone please tell me.

    I got this from a forum for another book series I used to be on - it's Pellinor "What If's?". Basically you just speculate on what might have happened in the series if certain things had or had not happened. You can either just ask the question or try to answer/elaborate on it as well, for example:

    What if Maerad had actually left at the end of The Gift, when she thought Cadvan worked for the Dark (chapter "Old Scars")? - Would she still have ended up in Zmarkan and Arkan-Da somehow? Where would she and Hem have gone? Would she still have lost her fingers? Would Cadvan have managed to track her down eventually and if so, would they have joined up again?

    What if Maerad hadn't let Cadvan scry her at the beginning?

    What if Hem hadn't let himself be scried? - Would everyone except Maerad have continued to suspect him of being a tool of the Dark?

    They can be joking or serious, long or short, it doesn't really matter.
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