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    Question Name this title?

    This story is about hunting and being hunted. People are transported to a wild planet for safari-style hunts (or something like that). Some of the people transported there might be criminals, I'm not sure. But the twist in the story is that firepower becomes a liability instead of an asset. The guy with the biggest, deadliest gun becomes the target of the other hunters, all of whom want to kill the guy and take the gun for themselves. The protagonist gets around this problem by deliberatingly choosing weapons for his safari expedition that AREN'T the strongest, even though he had the option to take weapons that outclassed everything carried on safari by others.

    I read the story in the 1970s so it's not anywhere close to being new.

    I'm thinking one of the big names wrote this story, like Heinlein or someone. Anyone recognize this?


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    As soon as I started reading this a certain title came to mind; and mentioning Heinlein confirmed it.
    The book you want is 'Tunnel in the Sky' by Robert A. Heinlein.

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