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    Jon Snow Lineage

    I am aware there is lots of speculation about Jon Snow's Parentage. Lets talk it out.

    I am torn between two theories:

    1 - Rheagar and Lyanna had the baby together Ned covered it up, remembers Lyana's dying wish. . .


    2 - Jon Snow is Aegon - Ned found the baby at Meagors before the arrival of Robert. Ned whisked him away and fostered him not wanting to see his little head dashed against a wall.
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    Jon Snow - the key figure in the series?
    Jon Snow!? [SPOILERS!]
    Of John Snow!

    Granted the threads haven't been updated in a while, but there's still some good discussion in it and a new book hasn't been published in the interim except this one, which was last active in 2002: The Truth about Jon Snow*

    Plus, this is one of the more popular questions in the series and has been discussed in a lot of the other ASOIAF threads.

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